Someone who goes down on a girl.

A pussy eater, muncher, muff diver...
Huerra: That guy asked me if he could eat me out.. HEY J YOU FUCKIN CLAMMER!
by Huerra November 21, 2006
a guy that sucks a cum load out of a guys ass
james sucked toms cum load out of mikes ass
by wanker1 July 23, 2005
The action of black people putting clams in inappropriate places and hitting people with their tits.
That black boy was being an angry tit clammer.
by Biznitchhh3 September 12, 2011
when a male and female are in the bed and the male is so horny to get it, the female teases the male by opening and closing her legs, not allowing him to "get it".
"holy shittt, last night, i was so stoned, mary was a total bitch and pulled the wild clammer on me!"
by emmmgyyyyyy. July 19, 2009
When a dude gels his pubes in a part down the middle with hair pointing straight down on each side. Pubes should resemble the nail-remover on a hammer.
"I put on the clammer hammer for Stacy last night"
by S.E.Mc-D February 18, 2009
Any one who roams the neighbor picking up bottles and cans for the deposit.
A guy asks his friend what to do with his empty beer bottle, his friend replys just throw it near the road the land clammers with get it.
by nyviper84 March 9, 2008
An exotic sex move involving a vagina, maple syrup, and a Canadian. The Canadian fills the vagina with maple syrup and begins to perform missionary on the vagina. The Canadian then pulls out covered in maple syrup and forces the owner of the vagina to perform oral sex on him.
He gave you the Canadian Clammer, eh?
by Oceanizzle August 25, 2010