When you shave your back, but you leave a little patch of hair, kind of like a tramp stamp.
I got a mangroomer, and I decided to leave The Canadian for the ladies, or maybe gentlemen.
by Libraryguy April 1, 2021
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I). Jackin' it with a hockey glove on. II). spaniking the dolphin whilest playing in a hockey game. must be playing defense.
Ahhh look, Jake's in the corner doing The Canadian again.

hockey masturbation Weiner sex
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Having anal sex in Canada
My wife and I spent the weekend in Montreal... we had Canadianal
by Chucktastic68 June 28, 2019
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Akshay Kumar is the greatest canadian.
True canadian who sacrifice his life for his country just like Akshay Kumar ditched Indian Citizenship for Canada.
As per DTAA treaty Canadians who residing in India get credit on their income & they pay their taxes at lower rates compare to Indian citizens. Hence Akshay Kumar took right decision
Canadian Akshay Kumar - This is my home toronto is my home
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Identity given by Americans while travelling outside the United States.
(Anyone outside the United States) Whats your nationality?

(American)....um...aw....I'ma Canadian!

(Anyone outside the United States) Ya...sure you are!....lets get him!!
by Matt...true Canuck November 7, 2006
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A great way to get your ass out of a sling if you are an American visiting a hostile foreign country. Afterall, who hates Canadians?
A person of questionable Middle East ethenticy-

"Hey, American infidel. Hold on a moment while i detonate myself so i can go meet Allah and have 45 male virgins to myself".

American tourist-

"Eh? Whats this aboot? I'm just a simple Canadian trying to hop a plane home so i can sit in my igloo and watch hockey on tv while drinking Crown Royal eh".
by Dick driller October 14, 2010
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To act as as a Canadian would, to adhere to Canadian customs and traditions, to have become Canadian by way of your actions. Canadians are seen as intelligent, peacekeeping, liberal potheads who love Hockey Night in Canada and have the balls to disagree publicly with American policies.
Maria: Have you checked out Pablo lately?
Lorena: No, Why?
Maria: He's become so Canadianized. He smokes BC Hydro, drinks beer and plays hockey instead of soccer. He no longer has chicharron with his breakfast, instead he eats bacon.
Lorena: Oh yeah. I heard he's changing his name to Paul
by RicDaSpic April 13, 2005
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