What to call a black person so he will feel the same way you do after he calls you a white boy.
I'm a man just like you black boy!
by brerrobot December 1, 2007
A clove cigarette wrapped in black rolling papers. Also a deragatory term for black males.
"Light me up a black boy."
by CarlosGuanto August 10, 2008
A ebonic term for Black 'n' Mild. Usuall used in Mississippi, Central Alabama and Miami
We gettin' some Black Bois and head to Tha ATL this Thursday.
by Dj Dirty April 26, 2005
The black boi's inc is an elite gang made in 2020 by fellow black men in south africa ,Each of these black men had amazing gifts that made them the ultimate killing machine,The first Korean man to ever join this group for he was found as truly black.I say..Do not make this gang angry or they will come after you in the night and steal your shoes™
Wow I see the black bois inc coming over here,Oh my god ronny!
by syke!,You thought(hahahaah) January 25, 2021
The general point of intoxication surpassing that of "white boy wasted" Generally accomplished after a night of crack rocks and /or Hennessy, Gin and juice, and gorging on KFC. The resulting chaos is generally tragic. Leading to lost revenues at gas stations, Booty smacking and all around unpredictable behavior.
Clerk says to the police officer. " well sir he came in acting all "black boy wasted" " "Asked for the money in the register" "I asked him to say 'four dollars' and he could have all the money in the safe as well. " He said 'FO DOLLAS!!!!' "I screamed 'FAIL' and tazed him." "That's when you showed up sir". The officer says "hm. tsk tsk.. Typical." I hate when these kids get "black boy wasted" . Black boy wasted
by irhateurface November 10, 2011
Something that is not politically corrrect
basic black boy: Hey, he's a .........merr..... you can't say that
by Rozzysed August 6, 2016