To lick pussy in a very deep and thorough manner.
"Listen Johnny, If you don't finish your homework, I'm not going to let you eat me out tonight."
by Bob Sometimes September 4, 2004
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having someone bite/lick your vagina. pleasuring the vagina with only your mouth.
by meggers July 27, 2003
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to pleasure the vagina by licking or biting
Babe if you don't take out the trash, im not letting you eat me out tonight.
by Babe865 January 9, 2014
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To suck a girls clit good and finger her
Girlfriend:daddy are you going to eat me out tonight
Boyfriend:of course mama
by theprettyhoelol September 9, 2018
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To lick around and suck ones pussay
Laura he ate me out last night
Seriously courtney nobody Eat me out
by Dumbquestionshere August 27, 2019
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Said to someone who eats A LOT and doesn't pay attention to the costs of food.
by 2213 February 1, 2011
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