To suck pussy, eat out, lick the cat, eat the beaver. When a man or woman ( i prefer men)burries their face in a woman's hairy or bald pussy and licks her clit with random sucking here and there. A good muff diver knows to focus on the clit and suck and lick it until the woman explodes into a throbbing, wiggling ectsasy. Licking the vaginal opening and sucking on the lips occasionally is a big plus. You can take it a step further and lick the asshole to complete the mission.
That muff diver sucked my pussy so good I was climbing the wall.
by kinkyraggae February 15, 2005
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the act of making love to a womans love box with ones tongue
james was always muff diving on jo
by the guys February 17, 2004
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The act of:
1) Licking carpet
2) Chowing down on box
3) Licking her other lips
Ref: South Park
"To be a lesbian I gotta chow down on this box"
by Stray Cat January 10, 2004
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to dive into a womans muff, ie plunge your tongue into her womanhood.
i dived some muff last night, word.
by frosty the snowman April 28, 2003
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to lick a womans other lips, to bury yourself in a womans fanny, eat the beaver
that joemust be a pretty good muff diver by now, he's always muff diving with his girlfriend kate
by samwise the cunning December 8, 2005
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the name for a person who when licking a woman's vagina, enjoys pushing their entire head inside of the vaginal cavity
dave is a real muff diver
by fencepannel November 18, 2019
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