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A cloud of foul gas left hovering in the air after some bastard just farted.
Whilst shopping in the frozen meats section of the supermarket I walked into someone’s guff and nearly blew chunks on the cold meat display
by derek May 24, 2005

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when someone grabs the top of your whitey tighties and pulls up north
jason and cj just pulled up my waistbad
of my briefs and gave me a hanging wedgie in the locker room.
by derek January 22, 2005

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A pot leaf with two rolling papers
British Columbia is the marijuana capitol of the world
by derek January 22, 2004

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mmmmmm delicious cancer sticks that have kept many people from dying
man im gonna kill someone if i dont get a smoke soon
by Derek July 25, 2004

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When getting head from a girl, you push her head down on your dick and cum so that it comes out her nose as if she were a dragon snorting smoke out
I was getting head last night but I didn't really like the girl so I gave that bitch a dirty dragon
by Derek July 27, 2006

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a blood killer and you are a crip or you say it to be cool
when you see a blood you say fuck you slob bk for life
by derek December 01, 2004

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a diragatory name for a person who hangs out with streetkids and thinks he or she is one but he has a place to go when it gets too cold or rough. Not a truly a streetkid or gutterpunk.
I hate that oogle, spare changing when you know that in two days he'll go home to his mom's house.
by derek January 17, 2004

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