Simple phrase used to catch out British spies or agents when masquerading as the enemy. When wished 'Good luck' in English by a foreign agent they find it literally impossible not to reply with 'Thanks old bean!' or something similar.

Most famously used in The Great Escape.
Hans Nazihausen: Halt! Sprechen sie Englisch?
John Smithson: Nein! Der English sind Schwein-poopen.
Hans: Haha, Ja. Good luck.
John: Thanks old bean!
Hans: AHA!
John: Oh bother.
by Horace Wimp January 13, 2008
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a phrase used to wish someone well in an endeavor

sometimes a pointless phrase if the task at hand does not even remotely involve or require luck.
good luck washing those dishes. i hope the knives don't fall on your foot and slice your toes off!
by Insufficient Postage February 02, 2006
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Name given to someone with no shoes
Son: "Dad, why is Nigeria's president named Goodluck?"
Dad: "He went to school with no shoes."
by Heptad December 18, 2014
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Not to be confused with good lick, this phrase bids a person with positive farewell and hopes they do well in any situation they may or may not have gotten themselves into.
by PineappleJuice March 07, 2015
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