A contraction of "I don't give a (fill in expletive here).
1: Dude, that kid was talkin some mad shit about you.
2: Man, I don't give. He's just a shit anyway.
by KRHimself September 20, 2005
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We say or use this phrase when we don't care or are not interested in what someone says or does.
Bryan:guys,i have bought a new car

worth 7 million.
Ryan:i don't give a shit about your car.
by Greek knight November 6, 2013
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Whenever you say that you don't give a fuck..you must not give a fuck FULLY. You dont give half a fuck, a quarter fuck..You don't give a mother or a brother fuck..YOU DO NOT GIVE ANY AMOUNT OF FUCK. You have to be stingy with your fucks..protect them..Like drops of water in a drought, such are your fucks..and you do not give them..EVER
Person: Help! I am dangling off a cliff..I am about to fall to my death! I need a fuck to save me!!
Me: Sorry..I don't give a fuck..
Person: But I will die! I just need ONE LITTLE FUCK!!
Me: Hold on let me just looook....Nope sorry..I have no fucks to give..
by SpecklemyFreckle December 26, 2016
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When you do a half ass job at work because you have no interest in it and have no passion because everything seems blah blah blah!
"I went to work and did a half ass job on everything and got fired! I don't give a shit!"
by Seth Martin Dresser October 15, 2018
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An ailment that causes one to not care about the consequences of their actions or give up on their goals.
"Hey man, you're getting fat again. What happened to your diet?"
"The I don't give a shits came early this year."
by Gleen707 April 26, 2019
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A clean way of saying the phrase, "I don't give a fuck".
Safe for use around children.
{Ken}: Hey Jose!
The Mariners just took the World Series

{Jose}: Ken, I don't give a Funyun!!!
Those phuckers can go to H-E-Double-Bendy-Straws for all I care. :-/
by Telephony September 29, 2014
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