when a man (or woman) is eating out a girl, and the girl queefs, it is called bad breath.
i was eating out molly jizzwold and she gave me bad breath.
by schwiggy&bama pimp April 20, 2003
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"bad breath balls" refers to the smelly, yellowish-white balls that form in the back of the mouth. they are typically smaller than a pea and have a color similar to that of sesame seeds. they are also extremely pungent and likely contribute to halitosis though they are generally harmless and create only a minor nuisance. bad breath balls are also coughed up from time to time--often to the surprise of those who are willing to give them a whiff. bad breath balls are more formally referred to as tonsilloliths or tonsil stones.
i coughed up a bad breath ball that was like the odorous equivalent of a black hole--it was pure, concentrated stink.
by ejcm June 4, 2007
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Definition: People who suffer from bad breath illiteration, are no longer intelligible to their interlocutors, since their bad breath is so intoxicating that the people with whom they are conversing lose their natural capacity to understand language.
"My dear old friend Coilliepik said that the above-mentioned definition was an overly long sentence, but due to him suffering from bad breath illiteration, I could not make anything of what he was saying and thought I was going to faint."
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February 15th, The one day out of the year you can call out someone on their consistent bad breath and or sport some mean breath of your own.
There's a run on tuna and durians, must be National Bad Breath Day.
by BPB562 May 10, 2011
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The crazy tweaker woman who came into sprint with ass ketchum breath claiming her phone got lost and hacked by anonymous.
"No don't think about sprint bad breath girl"
"I haven't eaten in 2 days says the sprint bad breath girl"
by Hopscotch101 January 24, 2021
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someone with a bald head and big eyes who's breath smells really bad
"hey that guy over there looks like a Crazy frog"

"i know i just went to talk with him and his breath stinks of shit, take some mints, he's the crazy frog with bad breath"
by swansea November 15, 2007
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