what you call someone or something when that certain thing or person makes you want to kys
Gabe: I just ranked up to Silver III in CS:GO
Eric: Nice, how long have you had it?
Gabe: 2 years
Eric: You are literally terminal cancer
by DiamondMinerMC May 13, 2016
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When you see something so irredeemably cringey on the internet that you reach levels of cancer not previously thought possible.
Whenever I read a trend on Twitter, I get Stage 5 Super Terminal Cancer
by my name is not billy July 27, 2020
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The lack of human reflexes, knowledge and general motor skills are some of the symptoms a victim would experience in the later stages of this disease. it is quite common for a victim to become psychotic, driven mad by the pure stupidity that lingers in their brain.
"dude that's sad, the Terminal Majora Cancer hit him hard man"
by joffry September 27, 2017
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Furry: OwO *rawrs* UwU
Normal Person: Oh god anyone here a neurosurgeon? this guy has terminal brain cancer!
by asswholethetird February 17, 2022
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