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There's been 2 meanins made outta this
1)Chung - buff/good looking (example 1)
2) Being stoned is bein chung
1) I'm lookin to find bear chung gyals
>I want to find a very pretty girl<

2) I'm chunged out afta blazin all day
>I'm stoned afta smokin weed all day<
by leila November 01, 2003
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Verb: The act of masturbating into (Chinese) food.
"These customers have been rude to me, so I'm going to Chung into their Spring Rolls."
by Uncle Toldya. June 12, 2016
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The line between sunburnt and unsunburnt skin (effectively a tanline) Adaptable depending on the area of the body where the Chung appears e.g...Arm Chung = Archung, Face Chung = Fachung
Get some aftersun on that Chung!
Dude your Fachung looks ridiculous?
by VVega August 13, 2013
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chung means well buff but probably better than buff. u mite say that will smith iz buff but brad pitt is CHUNG! (but he iz gettin olda now)
maddie: hey helen, look at that buff boy over there.
me: yeah but i can go one better, look at the CHUNG boy to his left.
by Helen April 15, 2005
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