The youngest of ten and a delicate mite (Cream - Mother's Lament)
by Kyle Badner April 29, 2006
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Typically a playful, derogatory term to indicate insignificance on the part of the target.

Derived from the term for minute parasitic arachnids that infest plants and animals and sometimes spread disease.
"Ya cheeky wee mite ya"
by Colm McFadden January 15, 2006
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For feminine mitochondrial dna arrogant scientists shortened it to MT DNA (pronounced empty). It's not empty it's Mighty.

For males it's Y dna. Why? they are just cumstains on y jockey briefs.
hey are mighty MiTee mighty!
by elizbay December 4, 2019
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a mouth bacteria that is introduced by sucking the penis of someone who has had sex with a dead body.
tom is a necrophiliac and tiffany sucked his cock, now she has mites
by abe November 17, 2003
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A Mite is a Small stick figure like enemy in Super Smash Bros. brawl. They punch, dropkick, punch, and best of all dance. Mite can also be used as an insult, making fun of someone would prove most effective.
Your such a Mite.
Quit Miting around.
Go mite off somewhere else, freak.
by <STFU> March 15, 2008
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When your doing anything that involves sweating, but instead of sweating you just start to itch
Amy:OML I just went to the gym but for some reason im itchy
Darcy:Oh, you must have sweat mites
by Elizabeth Duncan January 17, 2019
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