38 definitions by Helen

she is the the biggest bad ass around but she is cool as fuck she is evil just like me and can be trusted with anything im pretty sure she has been through everthing already
by Helen January 25, 2004
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Slang word meaning friends, originated in Sutton schools see: mate homey blod bredrin friend
Yo, Mr Gardners safe, he's my traps.
by Helen January 21, 2005
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I was so bladdered last night I splagged all over my bed
by Helen December 7, 2004
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A person who is nice = ans smart. and is my triplet. =
Steffi and I are evil =D MUAHHAAHAHA
by Helen January 24, 2005
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That hot, dark looking professer who is hated by all and all are hated by him!
Snape: I want to spank you
Harry: Oh My!
by Helen August 29, 2003
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a very cool word, that i often use. Can be used to make emphasis on something. Rather surprising. Or simply as a word sometimes used in magical spells etc
"shazzam, jack hit jill on the nose"

"i will make a rabbit come out of this hat... SHAZZAM!"
by Helen July 18, 2004
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Borrowed from Southpark's Timmy who while sweet and sexy has only the ability to speak his own name. With the exception of when he falls for Gobbles.
hmnah gehma TIMMY! or Jeus, you are Timmy's.
by Helen June 26, 2003
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