Pam and her boyfriend like to Chung all night long.

Pam chungs really good during sexy time.
by Chunging7777 November 19, 2018
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When you are, hav been or are about 2 get stoned.
1) Wow im so chung
2) Wow i was so chung yesterday
3) Wow im gonna get chung
by Amy/punk princess/NANG! December 29, 2003
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ye i saw dis boy wiv a cream hoodie an he was propa chung ya no
by breadbin October 30, 2003
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(v)- to eat excessively or to have bad dieting habits
Look at that douche chunging on those slices of pizza.

(n)-male genital

Chungboy sure has a small chung.

(adj)- confused, lost, or downright stupid
The chung man was baffled by the many choices offered by on the dollar menu.

(adv)- to finish quickly or prematurely
He chungly came all over his man’s face.
Other uses:
Can also be a nickname for Richard, Dick, or Little Boy, Chungs.
by Dr.Dick69 May 05, 2011
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Short for 'Chungus'.

Used as a reaction or to describe something that is good, similar to how pog is used.
Man: Yoooo mans got big tiddie goth gf
Man 2: That's pretty Chung
by AmateurManMan October 22, 2020
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