11 definitions by leila

Raaahs,man got buss up propa
>Oh my gosh, that man got beaten up badly<
by leila November 1, 2003
There's been 2 meanins made outta this
1)Chung - buff/good looking (example 1)
2) Being stoned is bein chung
1) I'm lookin to find bear chung gyals
>I want to find a very pretty girl<

2) I'm chunged out afta blazin all day
>I'm stoned afta smokin weed all day<
by leila November 1, 2003
Slang term meaning *friend* or *bruv*
Safe blad, wha gwan
>Hello friend!How are you today? whats new<
by leila November 1, 2003
Lucy-Louise is a girl with a big personality. Can always take a joke and have fun conversations with. Can be tough when wants to be. Using has a dirty blond hair With some lovely long legs. She is so pretty and gorgeous. Everyone wants to be her friend even though it don’t seem like it.
“Have you seen Lucy-Louise she is gorgeous
by leila May 7, 2019
To hang out somehwere
We jus been cotchin pon street
>We've been hanging out in the streets<
by leila November 1, 2003
Dont look at that its rather embarassing
raaahz dont watch afro blud
>Oh my! dont look at my afro, its not looking its best<
by leila November 1, 2003