What you do before the word stoned applies. Contrary to popular opinion, it's not the only way to blow your mind, man!
"Everybody wants to get stoned."
by Downstrike October 16, 2004
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A good method for people who haven't lived the high life, and desperately need one to stop their hating.
All you like to do ryan is intimidate folks around you, here take this joint and you'll be fine! sweet!
by peace yall March 9, 2005
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USA - smoking weed
Muslim nations - death by rocks
USA - bro lets go to the dispensary and get stoned!

Muslims - "why is she getting stone" "because i saw her ankles"
by Infamous_TF April 5, 2018
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To put off several different tasks at once, usually to smoke some weed. Can also refer to the state of lethargy that typically accompanies such activity.
Instead of paying the rent and going to class, I decided to get stoned with two birds and smoke a joint.
by themilkmantrink August 22, 2011
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euphemism for achieving an orgasm and subsequent sexual discharge of semen, whether by copulating or through an act of fellatio - hence draining the testicles
I hope you get your stones drained on your hot date tonight
by antiquebaker April 8, 2006
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My personal favorite rickyism, I say it all the time - definitely good for some comic relief. Instead of "get two birds with one stone"

Watch Trailer Park Boys!! You will laugh your ass off, guaranteed.
Exactly, get two birds stoned at once
by PhatPJ March 13, 2010
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