someone who is highly appealing to you in looks. Another word for buff.
Omd, dat boy is ovvvvva choong.
by ***** November 5, 2003
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some one who looks good and is buff
dat bwoys a choong ting
by choong ting November 27, 2003
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literally it means that you are really nice looking/sexy
mckenzie: yow hav u seen that gash shes raa choong!
kyle: ye man i saw her shes peng 2 raas!
mckenzie: blud im a make ma move!
kyle: ye gwarn
by naw-t_shawty March 13, 2006
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eg 1:person 1"that boy is choong"
person 2"CHOONGTING"
person 1 and 2"lol"
eg 2:Person 1 "i got this choong fone yesterday"(shows fone)
:person 2 "oh my days that fone is choong"
by kandi06 November 10, 2006
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Someone who is good looking, fit, buff, sexy or any other word to describe someone who you like the look of.

Against popular belief, this word can only be used by males against females, not the other way round, also it can not be used by homosexual people. If it is used by the wrong type of person the word "choong" is not valid for that person therefore is it best to use another word for example fit, buff, sexy, fine, f9

Here is a compatibility list obviously "M" Represents a male and "F" represents a female.

M against M - Not valid
M against F - Valid
F against M - Not valid
F against F - Not valid
*Incorrect Usage*
Fred - "George is choong!"
Beth - "George is choong!"
Beth - "Emily is choong!"

*Correct Usage*
George - "Emily is choong!"
by Forces May 4, 2006
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some good skunk
that skunk is CHOONG!
by baz February 19, 2004
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kid that is half chink and half boong (how could a chink ever bring themselves to fuck a boong...)
hey look at that really ugly kid i think its a choong!
by Neville Ugle June 23, 2003
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