20 definitions by DAS

A sick wacko who thinks his songs are great. Doesnt really have a clue about much except being a complete dickhead. Spends to much time with his head up his arse.

Calling someone an Ironmonger is a major insult dont do it.
Irongmonger though his songs were great when they were actually full of shit

Hey you ironmonger
by DAS November 6, 2003
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A complete fuk nut who hasnt got a clue about anything.

Also a givent to a person that will take animals from behind.
Your ironmongered what?
by DAS November 7, 2003
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a zoot , a joint , a splif , a weed-ciggarette
Hey 'Pac, it's yo' boy
Hey man so far I've been listenin to your album
and I ain't heard nuttin you could kick back and smoke a beadie to
You know?

---basically telling tupac shakur "he hasent herd nothing (a song) on his album that you can smoke a spliif too (music is enjoyed more when high up on weed)
by DAS November 23, 2003
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See the losers and up in shackles of motherfuckin chains
Or laid out in the streets leakin out they brains

(50 cent (heat)
by DAS November 23, 2003
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