(chung) a very hot & s3xy man who loves all girls who love him meaning no men all girls and he is so pro at counter-strike and richard chen h8 ter
by Chung April 04, 2005
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Used in place of a curse word, shit crap fuck etc
Chung you you asshole
by cbling v November 25, 2008
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Used to describe someone fat, who is too small to be referred to as a 'Chungus"
by Zigdaddy April 21, 2020
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The fleshy island between an Asian man's ballsack and anus
My Chung is swollen and tender after having gay butt sex all night
by sappy666 September 30, 2010
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To be chung is to fly high like the canopy of trees over a jungle. It is to be so high and not giving a fuck as to create a complex time-space like curve of shits not being given which in turn lowers the entropy of the local universe.

to be a Chung is to possess the following abilities:
1. zero fucks given about anything to the point that they no longer matter
2. giving so little shits that everything works out perfectly in the end.
3. having no concept of what anyone thinks to the point that the receiving target phases out of existence.

being Chung is both a powerful and mysterious ability which only few have been able to master. One can assume that these powers only arise out of fostering a deep metaphysical bond with the great uncaring don't give a shit from the greater beyond of who really cares anyways.

also, some masters of Chung have been known to shit bricks of weed and also piss pure Ecstasy and cocaine mixed with liquid lsd.
A: So did you hear about Issei Sagawa? He killed and cannibalized a french girl and then got set free upon returning to Japan!
B: Bro that dude sounds mad chung.

A: So my friend totes killed someone using only the power of their pure seething hatred towards everything!
B: Wow sounds like a totes chung kid we should totally hang bruh.
by DelJudasPreist June 12, 2013
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To ejaculate on a person or object.
Another meaning for the word "Jiz" or "Cum"
Can be used for anything, and can even be used in a offensive way.
"Oi you don't make me Chung all over your face"


"Eh mate your gonna get some Chung in your eye soonish, brace yourself"
by Ashley Murray June 11, 2007
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wtf is chung doing in the house next to me?!!?!? o wait he is my neighbour!
by justin October 12, 2003
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