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Homaosexual male who enjoys performing fellation upon uncircusised males, preferably with poor personal hygiene.
"Cyril is such a cheese master - He needs a mouthwash"
by D F Stuckey February 14, 2004
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Gay slang for a man attracted to uncircumsised partners, particualarly those with a heavy smegma buildup beneath their foreskin.
A:"How come Robbie has such strong breath?"
B:"Oh sweetie, he's a cheesemeister from way back!"
by D F Stuckey July 31, 2005
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A person who lends money at high interest rates, or interest calcualted on a daily or weekly basis, with the threat of physical violence being used on failure to repay the loan.
A:"Is it fair to get a loan at 25% interest?"
B:"Fair to the loan shark you're borrowing from, maybe. . . "
by D F Stuckey July 17, 2004
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Direct translation of the Chinese slang for the scrotum.
( From 'Taipan', by James Branch Clavell )

" Ming noticed the tiniest flaw in the waiter's dress as he served James, and quietly told him ' Put your jacket in order when you serve my guests, or I'll slice off your Secret Sack for a change purse!' James was lost in wonder at the delicate beauty of the Mandarin language, which he himself knew little of."
by D F Stuckey April 15, 2004
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French word meaning a woman who performs all sexual acts except intercourse. Not necesarily a Prick Tease.
" 'Sex In The City' character Charlotte was concerned that if people knew she was a demivierge, she'd be called 'Everything But Girl' "
by D F Stuckey February 19, 2004
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Nickname of Stacey Orrico.
A:"Holy Moley!"
B:'Yes, I hvae her latest CD . . "
by D F Stuckey May 5, 2004
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A large, solid and uncomfortable bowel motion, one that will cause Assburn.
" After being constipated for a week, the last thing you need is to have a Chocolate Steamtrain to relieve the break"
by D F Stuckey February 20, 2004
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