Ploy is an absolutely amazing, beautiful, funny, girl. She will always be there for you no matter what. Always take care of her because she's the sweetest person you will ever meet.
person a: that girl over there is so cute
person b: she's definitely a ploy ;))
by bobdeservedbetter May 01, 2018
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A mischievous babe who is hated by everyone

But be careful belt boys, once you hurt a ploy you will regret it !

Ploys are known to make a high pitch noise that pierces ones heart

They have very tingy hands that will send shivers down your body :/
Man tha girl is a ploy ! I sure do hate her !!
by Ploybabe January 24, 2018
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A creature possessing infinite evil and unparalleled sex appeal. Although normally mild of temperament, the Ploy is highly excitable, and may become agitated when presented with somebody she regards as stupid. She typically functions in a highly logical manner, which makes her able to perform tasks with inhuman efficiency. However, this results in a tendency to view other human beings as mere commodities. As the ambassador of evil, the Ploy is commonly thought responsible for some of the most infamous crimes in human history, such as the holocaust, the downfall of the Galactic Senate, and also possibly the death of Harry Potter's parents.
Ploy (n.)
Don't be bad, or the Ploy will come and get you.
by mojotofu February 05, 2011
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insenitive prick
"hey have you heard of ploy?"
"yeah shes a prick"
by yetetetetettetetete November 08, 2018
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