any group of organic compounds that collaborate with sugar, starch, cellulose, gum and other crap and servers as a major enregy source in animals. made by plants that need sunlight fo photysynthesis.
how many carbs in that sub jared? carbs? fool this is atkins!
by Neil March 9, 2005
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the act of sticking both of your penises into the ass cavern of a hot bitch
Joe Youngcarbohydrated all over Cynthia's bootie hole
by Cecil Williams October 8, 2007
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The act of overloading carbohydrates to satisfy instinctual needs.
My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting my Carbohydration!
by Real Akeel November 23, 2017
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Supplied with ample carbohydrates, the main source of fuel for bodily action.

Best used in the context of exercise or physical labour.
Devin: Yo Mitch, you good to go?
Mitch: Yeah bro, I'm hydrated and carbohydrated. Lets DO THIS!
by Elliott Spook August 1, 2010
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The very act of nourishing your body with carbohydrates
“Hey you getting ready to drink tonight?”

“Yes, I’m carbohydrating do I don’t black out tonight.”
by Whole_Lotta October 30, 2018
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It's like hydration, but with carbohydrates
Guy 1: why are you eating so much mash?
Guy 2: Carbohydration
by Indie-yeeter June 3, 2018
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a fictional city or township populated by fat people who chow down on carbohydrate-laden snacks such as potato chips / potato crisps, pasta based meals, sandwiches, breakfast cereals etc
paul: check out all my pasta
john: wo, carbohydrate city

joanne: can you pass me a slice of bread
megyn: that bitch is on the bus to carbohydrate city
by princess chelsea May 16, 2010
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