a girl so fuckin hot that it pisses u off that u cant fuck her rite there n then
by snoop snoopy dog June 1, 2003
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A girl so fucking hot that it makes you crazy that you can't Viri her right there n then
by starburst lover May 16, 2019
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The look a girl gives you when you piss her off. The girl giving the look does not necessarily need to be a hot bitch but she can be.
Guy: You've been giving me these weird looks.
Me: No, that's just my hot bitch stare.
Guy: Your what?
Me: *hot bitch stare*

Me: She wouldn't stop talking about her cat until I gave her my hot bitch stare.
by unicornsandnarwhals January 5, 2012
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Cold Hoe: Means a person who freezes up whilst their friends are getting beat up or jumped thus the word cold. Used in Cleveland Ohio at South High School.

Hot Bitch: A flat out bitch,lame,sucka. Hot is only used as a way to make the word sound more tough. Used also in Cleveland Ohio at South High School.
Cold Hoe Ex.
*Valley and Fleet walk down the hall*
*Quincy punches Fleet*
*Valley stands there whilst his friend Fleet Gets beat up*
Hot Bitch Ex.
*Cedar walks up to Longwood in a attempt to fight him*
Cedar- Man I heard you was hollin
Longwood- Who?
Cedar- Who else pussy
Longwood- *scared* No That Wasnt Me That Was Francis
Francis- *starts laughing* You A Hot Bitch For That One
Cedar- *breaks Longwood jaw*
Longwood- *still laughing*
Good Examples of Cold Hoe or Hot Bitch
by Quincy86th August 24, 2009
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A informal term used to describe any female.
Jimmy Fallon: Welcome on to the show Waka! How have you been doing man?
Waka Flocka Flame: Hot Minecraft Bitch
by Doctor Wojak April 13, 2023
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Whenever you think the day is going to be cold, so you wear a coat/sweater, then later you find out that it is actually a hot day, but you're already at work/school doing things, so you just have to suffer through it
guy 1: Bro it is hot like a bitch in here. I feel like a uranium reactor about to meltdown!
guy 2 (wearing a hoodie): Nah, it's pretty cool in here.
guy 1: shut the fuck up, I was wearing a t-shirt when you looked like you were in the arctic when it was 60 degrees (Fahrenheit, about 15.5 Celcius) outside.
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