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A person who is a pedophile and an emo.
Like IGN user AdrianG4. His girl is 8 years old and hes an emo. Sad.
by Neil February 26, 2005
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pointless but fun...
^.^ o_O <u,u> =^o^= >_<
by Neil November 15, 2004
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punning on supplier of wood panelling or flooring
You're wasting your time with those two; they're tongue-and-groove merchants.
by Neil February 17, 2004
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A deaf sense of smell. Lacking the ability to smell odors.
His shit really stank, but having a cold made me sneaf.
by Neil November 1, 2004
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Can also be used as a conversational aid, as a form of agreement.
"The weather is horriable today" - Person 1
"Shaid" - Person 2
"It has been horriable all week" - Person 3
"Shaid" - Person 1
by Neil June 20, 2004
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sup (short for, why don't you take supper?)
by Neil January 12, 2005
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