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Used in order to abruptly express great joy, usually brought on by victory or some other sort of accomplishment.

Close relative to the word: Booyaka
Fred Hoiberg crosses up Gary Payton... goes baseline and throws it down on Shaq... BOOYAH!!!
by Neil December 02, 2003

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A Geezer is a male englishman who likes drinking, football, and violence, preferably all at the same time. Wants to be the typical cockney jack the lad. They dress up smart to normally pull 'birds' favourites being Stone Island and Burberry. Theyre basically like a better meaner version of a Chav and not bad people to know aslong as you just prove your a 'geezer'. Sorted me ol' mucker...
watch the film 'Lockstock and Two Smoking barrels'
by Neil January 08, 2005

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Local slang in Vermont. A stupid person, a jerk, an a-hole. A general putdown of one's abilities.
You are such a dink.
by neil May 25, 2004

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People from Liverpool who aren't that different from anyone else, except we don't slag off other cities as much as everyone else slags us off.

The myth of scousers as criminals is usually reinforced by right wing toffs and the gutter press, who've never visited Liverpool - probably because we don't tolerate third-hand bigoted remarks from people who can afford a 'good education'.

Merseyside, with Liverpool at its centre, is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the UK according to Home Office statistics. A decline in the number of crimes reported per 100,000 of the population, has made Merseyside the third safest metropolitan area behind Northumbria and South Yorkshire - burglary rates are at their lowest levels for more than twenty years. Which probably explains why Ive heard so many students saying they feel safer in Liverpool than they do back home.

Don't believe the crap written about us.
You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are! - John Lennon
by Neil January 28, 2005

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winner of the Hot Topic national "Customer of the year" award. For five years running.
And this year, our customer of the year award goes to...*Drum roll*...Ahh crap, her again...
by Neil March 19, 2005

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Any car that has been pimped out at the Wal*Mart high school car section. Such enhancements might include but are not limited to the following: a peeling do-it-yourself tint job, chain links around the license plate, plastic hubcaps (4.99 when they've been rolled back), racing pads covering the seatbelts, excessive use of window decals, a sound system right out of the Wal*Mart electronics section, an overly aggressive after market spoiler.
Look at Freshman Dave rollin' in his hooptie to the pep rally.
by Neil August 07, 2003

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A piece of paper given to you (worse than detention)when you do something very very wrong. And you get sent down to the principal's office
Mrs. Campbell gave me a referral because she asked me 5 times to stop talking
by Neil May 17, 2006

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