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argh man thats ream!
by Neil November 15, 2004
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was born here in okc. there is not shit here but my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousin, i will be back to see all of you.
i'm not forgetting you James on 10th st.
by Neil March 24, 2005
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Means AWESOME, but made for cool 1337 gamers and nerds. Usually reserved for most extreme awesome things. Coined originally by Neil Nguyen during a game of paintball.
man, when that fat chick punched you, it was Pwsome!
by Neil November 26, 2004
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also known as Glitsy
U stupid rutali >:O
by Neil October 4, 2003
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Used in order to abruptly express great joy, usually brought on by victory or some other sort of accomplishment.

Close relative to the word: Booyaka
Fred Hoiberg crosses up Gary Payton... goes baseline and throws it down on Shaq... BOOYAH!!!
by Neil December 2, 2003
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Madonna-whore is when a guy treats his wife or girlfriend gently sexually, always treating her with respect, but the woman on the side he treats to aggresive angry sex, performing acts on her that he thinks would disrespect the woman he loves.
Italians think there wives, sisters, and mothers are all madonna's or virgins.
That is not the case.
by Neil September 15, 2003
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Originated from Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, he attached the word 'izzle' to the foreletter/s of random words, replacing the originals to create a rather funny(or lame) catchphrase.
*In the normal english language*

Anon: For sure.

*In 'gangsta' speak*

Anon: Fo shizzle.
by Neil September 16, 2003
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