; A Stud
; the complete opposite of a dad

60% of women said they would prefer to have SEX with a cad, but only 13% said they would want him engaged to their daughters.
You're going to have lots of grandchildren, thank god your shtuped that cad.
by peter.jubb October 27, 2003
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A webforum that has an incredibly faggoty group of indivuals inside of it. Can be used to display the homosexuality of something, or the stupidity, or anything with a negative connotation.
by Goatse August 13, 2003
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n. an interesting person usually interesting for outlandish or uncommon reasons such as an unusual sense of humor or taste in extravagence
by no one July 21, 2004
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A particularly foolish individual, usually of a high social status, who enjoys ripping others off and delights in the coining of phrases such as "Wizard" and "Jeepers Creepers Anthony!". Often cads attend prestigious colleges all over the world, such as The Amritsar Multipurpose Educational Centre, while still upholding imperialist views. HUH!
" Why I say Hannibal, that's damn hilarious. He IS a cad after all!"
by Parcival December 04, 2007
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Someone who smells like Crisco, Ass and Dandruff.
Yo, Jose smells like some serious CAD!
by sexytokyoboyz June 05, 2007
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