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Refers to currencies that have suffered or continue to suffer from hyperinflation. Because currency denominations rapidly lose value, printed bills will become worth very little after a short time. They eventually become almost worthless, not even worth the paper they are printed on, like monopoly money.
Countries that use/have used monopoly money:
(Also any country where simple items currently cost 1000's of their currency unit, as this is an indication of past hyperinflation)
by EconomicsIsABoardGame December 19, 2007
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What the Iraq War has turned the U.S. dollar into.

1 Euro is now equal to $1.60.
The U.S. Dollar becoming an example of monopoly money.
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 30, 2008
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1. Play money from the popular board game Monopoly
2. What ignorant citizens of the USA call foreign currency.
1. My three-year-old sister has drooled all over most of the monopoly money.

2. US Citizen: "Look at this Monopoly Money! Why can't you have REAL money, like Americans?"
Canadian: "This IS real money."
US Citizen: "I can't understand your stupid accent! SPEAK AMERICAN!"
by Hidinginthelibrary December 09, 2007
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yes, it is what these guy say, but it is also used in the game monopoly. it looks fake in most cases and feels fake, but there have been cases when it was used to pay a dumb slut or a stoned deliver boy.
use your monopoly money to pay for this pizza, the delivery boy looks high enought to accept it.
by teh castle July 28, 2006
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Foreign currency, usually printed in bright colors with funny pictures of people that no one has ever heard of. Called Monopoly Money or Funny Money because it looks and feels like some fake cash you get with a board game.

Monopoly Money is often spent recklessly because it looks fake, therefore you're not spending "real" money.
British Pound
New Zealand Dollars
Canadian Dollar
Japanese Yen
Australlian Dollar
Switzerland Francs
South Africa Rand
Mexico Pesos
Russia Rubles
Saudi Arabia Riyals
by billberto March 21, 2005
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"Fake" money that is now accepted at "KFC" and "Taco Bell."
"Lets go to KFC and buy some chicken with this Monopoly Money"
by wafffflllllleeeehedgs September 22, 2008
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