Webcomic, widely considered to be a rip-off of the popular Penny Arcade.
Christ, those guys at the CAD forums are nerds.
by Bertha Morgan August 12, 2003
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An ill-bred generic male hanger-on who flirts with everything that moves. Cads are often found in high numbers in clubs, music festivals and beach parties. Somewhat synonymous with jock. Cads prize pack mentality over individualism and may be hard to tell apart. Cads lack manners and social graces and are particularly fond of cat-calling and swooning.

Less educated young women may find themselves seduced by a cad, but experienced ladies are immune to the cad's infantile behaviour and unrefined advances.
The beach volleyball area is full of cads. Good for eye candy and not much else
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012
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Chronic Asian Dater. Typically a scrawny, super-pale, weak, geeky white boy who dreams of meeting a submissive Asian stereotype since he is terrified of women stronger than he (which, of course, almost all women are).
Me: That Dr. Who-looking nerd is on his fifth Yuki this month!
You: Yeah, he's looking for a girl who will walk two steps behind his pathetic ass on their way to tea ceremony class.
by ChicagoNomad July 08, 2005
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Cad us just a misspelt version of bad ...
Boy:ur cad at fortnite

Girl: no Iโ€™m not ur so cad at fortnite
by tajmahal January 08, 2019
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A cad is a dapper chap who chases ladies, looks sharp, barely gives a fuck but sticks firm to rules and never gets truly caught.
I would describe myself as a bit of a cad.
Just met this cad.
He's a bit of a cad.
by DSBD August 21, 2013
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an unscrupulous male who makes up terms for women based on body or face type such as "Winter Girlfriend", "Summer Girlfriend", "Butter face", "Cepter face".
The cad described his date with the pretty face and thick body as a "winter girlfriend" who would be good to cuddle with in the winter, but unnattractive in a bathing suit in the summer.
by Nowitt Tall February 08, 2007
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