In the Cypress Hill lyrics Insane in the brain:

They get mad when they come to raid my pad
and I'm out in my nine deuce Cad (1992 Cadillac)
by Toontje November 10, 2009
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An evasive manuever in Windows when somebody is viewing too much porn for the kernel.
I cad'd before cumming.
by Anon November 09, 2003
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kicks ass according to the great nohimn
anyone who hates CAD should have a pineapple shoved up their ass.
by nohimn August 15, 2003
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Someone who is vulgar and shows no regaurd towards proper ettiquette or speech around someone of importance
"Hey baby," John exclaimed, jovially, "that was QUICK!"

"Yeah," Melissa replied nonchalantly, "I just pissed in under one minute."

"Baby, don't be such a cad!" John replied harshly.
by KristianLover June 02, 2009
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Repeating a quote, or funny line you have said previously, to a new audience.
Basically trying to get a second round of laughter by bringing it up again, even if it wasnt funny the first time.
man 1: hey did you here my burn on kelly yesterday? He hit a shot playing basketball and said 'im on fire'.. so i was like 'thats cos you have red hair' ha ha ha

man 2: jeez dude dont be a Cads
by bchunk May 05, 2011
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a person who is extremely dramatic, and thus whiny
lisa: omg somebody stole my booger machine
moby: that's a really caddish thing to say lisa
by Jack LR July 20, 2008
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