A caring, smart, beautiful woman who is shy but extremely talented. She is extremely self continue about herself and is picky when it comes to accepting people. She works hard for the things and people she cares for. She claims to have no brows but you won’t care because you’ll love her for who she is. Has a low alcohol tolerance.
“WOW, we should of listened to bitch master Yuki. She’s always right

“Let’s go get more tacos Yuki”
by Chewbakabaka November 28, 2019
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Yuki is the most adorable and beautiful girl in the world. Talking to her any time will calm you, and making her laugh will make you happy. There is a reason why if you search up cute it will give you an example of Yuki(no really try it ;) If you ever meet Yuki, never let her go, as she will always keep you happy for your whole life! If given a choice between gold and Yuki, choose Yuki cause she will reward you with love worth more than diamonds!
person 1: Is that Yuki?
person 2: damn that is a Yuki lets make her friends asap
by Yuki's lover May 27, 2021
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A hyper easily amused girl who is always surrounded by friends who love her and care for her. She cares for everyone and loves the company of friends and family. She has a cute little voice and is a petite size. She does ariel and her favorite dog in the world is her dog Kiki.
Yuki is a sweet girl.
by Ron42696 May 13, 2011
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1. Japanese word for snow
2. former member of malice mizer, a band in Japan full of really cool cross dressers. sometimes called a gothic band, which kind of fits it. (only former because band broke up) Yuki's classic item of clothes is his top hat
Yuki is the sexiest man on Earth! (In honor of Aja)
I love love to watch the yuki(snow) fall.
by Rose April 30, 2004
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Sohma Yuki of the anime Fruits Basket. Anime about people who change into animals from the chinese calendar when hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Yuki changed into a mouse.
yuki-kun, sukidesu!!!
by yukira October 6, 2005
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1) The name of 80% of all anime characters.
2) The Japanese word for snow.
Fangirl 1: Yuki is my sex pig.

Fangirl 2: You mean the Yuki from Gravitation?

Fangirl 1: No, from Fruits Basket!

Fangirl 2: Oh, then you're a hole. Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is the hottest.

Fangirl 1: Your mother.
by Calico Kitsune November 25, 2006
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