The sum of the most powerful and iconic numbers in human history. 420 + 311 + 69 = 800. More than any other number this one defines who we are as a society it embodies our hope for a bight future.

Much like the Golden Ratio anything incorporating these numbers is pleasing to human senses and use of all 3 can be simply overwhelmingly joyful.
It's my 800th day on the job and everything just seems to be perfect today.
by Crazy Justin November 5, 2013
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Perfect score on a section of SAT, as well as SAT II
He got an 800 on the Critical Reading portion of the SAT? Yeah, right!
by NHRHS2010 November 11, 2010
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This number is a symbol for perfection and used by arrogant people to belittle you.
Robert: I got a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT, lad.
by Kav May 1, 2006
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name given to the horrible cough that track runners get after running the 800
Person A: Damn did you hear Stephanie's cough, she sounds like shes dying
Person B: Dude she just ran the 800!

Person A: oh shes got the 800 cough
by trackgirl228 April 5, 2013
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An event commonly ran for track and field: a mix between sprinting and distance. Those who are good at are seen as superhuman by the rest of the team. 800 meters is about half a mile. Commonly referred to as simply "the 800"
Why run the 800 (800 meter) when you could light yourself on fire and roll in broken glass and feel the same way?
by soccerhurdler11 December 17, 2014
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The t-800 is a goon ass Infiltration model Terminator that is very hard to detect.The t-800 is living tissue graphed over a coltan Endoskeleton.It's main military use is assassintion and well Infiltration: arny's model is Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4
t-800's fuck tech-com up
by calgore September 1, 2008
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