Control-Alt-Delete. The action of rebooting a computer in an attempt to fix a problem that you don't understand. Very common concurrent activities while rebooting include: finger crossing, wishing and hoping.
IT Guy: So, you sent an email and received an error message in return? Have you rebooted the computer?

Employee: No.

IT Guy: Let's do that.


Employee: That guy always tells me to cad that shit! Does he know anything.
by hood4u August 22, 2007
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Shorthand for the Canadian dollar. References the delightfully colourful monopoly money which Canucks use to buy beer, weed, and moosemeat from each other. Worth considerably less than American currency, but is much easier to use.
I bought some stupid crap on eBay before I realized that $45 USD is like $800 CAD.
by luke! June 10, 2004
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the greatest webcomic in existance!!!
3guys (ethan, lucus & scott) and a penguin(ted) who live together. all like computers :D and they do tons of cool and funny stuff
cad is teh uber!!
cad pwns!!
by bacchus August 23, 2004
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An awesome webcomic done by Tim Buckly, featuring the lives of Ethan, Lucas, and a few others. It revolves around their lives and how they interact with one another through videogames.
by fedzMONKEY July 02, 2003
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Acronym for the online comic "Ctrl+alt+del". Absolutely histarical if you know your video games/technology. The comic features three room mates (Scott, Ethan and Lucas)and their well...adventures. A new comic is created about every 2-3 days.
ME: Did you see the latest CAD comic?
PERSON: Is that that video game comic?
ME: Yes.
PERSON: Loser.
by MgwenC May 10, 2005
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