When you're stalking on the gram and you accidentally like a pic
Nicki: "Oh shit! My damn butterfingers accidentally liked my baby daddy's ex gf's mom's sister's pic!
by 26dontcare June 1, 2015
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When you try to catch something and it slips out of your hands.
"You have butterfingers bro! You can't even catch a basketball!"
by SuperCatgirl2 October 16, 2018
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When a boys gets his girl's vaginal juices on his fingers when he fingers her.
(after the petting session)
Boy: oh, yes!!!

Girl: What? Was it bad?

Boy: Hell no!!! i just got a butterfinger!!!
by theawesomepossumbunch April 30, 2009
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when a guy cums on his fingers and fingers a chick in her butt.
by tom January 10, 2004
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What an individuals finger is after inserting it into the female sex organs.
"Hey honey, want a Butterfinger?"
by Cejay December 6, 2006
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The act of capturing a fart in ones hand and then holding it over another's (or own, if desired) mouth until victim breathes, leaving them with the taste of flatulence in their oral cavity.
"Oh man, Robert just butterfingered Kenny." ~Conor

"I can still taste that fart from Conor's butterfinger." ~Robert

by Dikfore January 24, 2006
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When a male looking to spice up his sexual experience grabs a cold stick of butter and shoves his finger through the center of the stick, then proceeds to finger his woman until the butter melts from friction and sexual heat, granting him a dairy-based lube upon which he uses to dick his woman down.
Man #1: Hey how was the sex last night?
Man #2: I Butterfingered her and it changed her life.
by BennyBooty October 5, 2017
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