Someone who constantly drops the joint due to being very high, usualy at the worst possible times.
Pass the joint dude...



My bad dude

god damn it ButterFingers Montgomery, that was the worst possible time to drop it.
by Steezeman April 25, 2007
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That one player (receiver) in football, more specifically video game football who always drops a pass.
What a mistake going for it on 4th down, especially passing it to Butterfingers McGee, he always drops the pass.

Dammit Butterfingers McGee!! Why the fuck did you drop that pass!
by Dman930 February 19, 2009
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When ur asshole is ripe and flowing with booty juice then u reem ur azz with ur finger and proceed with putting the stinky finger under another individual's nose. Can be used for self pleasure if one likes.
I gave this chick a surprised "butterfinger" while she was eating and she damn near cried!!!
by Pupman May 17, 2008
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When you blow a load in someones asshole, churn it with your finger, and then eat it the shit/cum mixture off your finger.
Dude you want an Amish Butterfinger?

I've been craving an Amish Butterfinger lately...
by AmishButterfinger April 22, 2009
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taking a shit in someones mouth while getting a rim job
2 girls 1 cup explicitly shows the proper techniques of the jacksonville butterfinger
by that guy777 August 11, 2009
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It’s where you cover your finger in butter and finger her butt with the butterfinger.
Oh my god he did this move called the Alabama butterfinger last night and I still have butter up my ass.
by Yourcousin696969 April 30, 2019
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Buttering 4 of your fingers up her #1 and #2 holes while getting BJ. When ready to blow, shove fingers under her nose and say something salient to Minnesota.

Ex: "This ain't Minneapolis sweetie" Or, "Did you know Harmon Killabrew liked bj's too?"
I met this chick from Minneapolis at the NiteOwl, she was talking shit all night. I had to give her the tourist treatment

Did mean the "Wadena Butterfinger" ?

by dirtbag0154 August 3, 2010
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