a clumsy person, especially one who tends to drop things
It was you who dropped it, butterfingers.
by Light Joker May 25, 2005
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When an easy catch is missed because the ball slips through the fingers. Normally used in cricket.
How could you drop that you butterfingers!
by Roy Hills February 01, 2004
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1. Not having enough grip
2. The state of one's fingers after they have fingered a lady and she creamed all over them.
1. Damn, that football player dropped the ball. That bastard's butterfingers cost me 10 grand.
2.Wow! That girl creamed all over my hands and game me a massive case of butterfingers.
by mike February 03, 2004
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Ex-UFC ring presenter, Logan Stanton, while perfect in every single way, has an unusually shaped pinky. That doesn't make her any less perfect. It just adds flavour and exoticism to her amazing personality!

Everything butterfinger!
Logan Stanton is a perfect butterfinger! She's a dime with a pinky!
by fungiSD May 15, 2020
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when someone accidentally sticks a finger in their partner's butthole in the heat of the moment.
Did you hear about Lydia? Yeah, Paul's digits slipped and he gave her a good butterfingering.
by jessas December 24, 2012
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When your wiping your ass with toilet paper, and your finger breaks through and slides across. Creating this brown finger wrapped in toilet paper.
Butterfinger Candy bar, with wrapper pulled down.
by SeanBon45 August 22, 2012
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a. That delicious candybar with a chocolate coating and crispy peanut butter candy in the middle that crumbles in layers.
1)It sticks to your teeth
2)Comes in a yellow-orange wrapper
3)Promoted for years by cartoon icon Bart Simpson.The commercial would have Homer Simpson trying in some desperate way to get the Butterfinger bar...but was always too stupid. Bart would then say
"No one can lay a finger on my Butterfinger" or something.
"Hey look, a Butterfinger...it's so delicious and yellow--DON'T lay a finger on it, it's MINE"
I dunno, what example can I give, dumbass?
by That's my Butterfinger! July 27, 2008
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