The preferred food of hentai-wanking Santa Claus look-alikes who put on fake British accents and want everyone to think they're cool.
Andy: All hail Dictator-for-Life Santa!

Me: Fuck off and die.

Andy: I'd *rother* eat this Butterfinger while I watch this Sailor Moon tape I borrowed from the substitute!

Me: I really did not need to know that.

Andy: But it made me cool, right? Oh, I injured myself somehow!
by Anarchist October 22, 2003
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The sexual act of spreading butter all over your penis and having another guy suck on it.
Man: would you like a butterfinger?
Boy: sure, what kind?
Man: it's in my pants.
Boy: ewwwwwwww

see Homosexual
also see Pedophile
by BR 4Shot August 29, 2010
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When you go from a girls ass to her hand
Sarah had butterfingers after she was done with her boyfriend
by ryjak August 7, 2008
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When a cheeky fuck sticks their finger into their anus, and then wipes their foul appendage across another person's nose. The result is the victim smelling the scent of ass for quite a while.

a.k.a. the foul appendage
Someone is staring off into the distance, captivated by some object or their own imagination, while unexpectedly a friend or foe comes from behind with their stinky finger and swipes it firmly under the nostrils of the unsuspecting victim. At first the victim is unaware, for it takes time for such a pungent odor to be accepted by one's senses, but then with a sudden rush the victim is plagued with the stench of poop. The scent is inescapable. Hence, one more casualty of the ButterFinger.
by PapaJoJoe May 17, 2008
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When one person sticks his/her finger up another person's butt in an awkard situation.
I was trying to order my ice cream when Hood gave me a "butterfinger"!
by Gadman June 10, 2009
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when a guy fingers you with a butterfinger candy bar
me girlfriend totally broke up with me because i butterfingered her at that party
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a skeezly sexual maneuver typically performed from the doggie style position. The situation occurs when the fucker in the dominate dog position performs an unauthorized Whiskey Dew Finger and then fish hooks the mouth of the submissive dog fucker.
Guy 1: “Did you hear that Pauly D lost his index finger attempting to Jersey Butterfinger some whore?”

Guy 2: “I heard it was some dude.”

Guy 1: "word"
by matt5000 June 2, 2010
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