A term used by someone when they witness someone being insulted or said to someone who has just done the insulting.
person 1:"Ha ha you smell funny!"
person 2:"Hey, I do not!"
person 3:"Oh man person 2, you just got burned!"
by Lizbear May 5, 2004
slang for a serious insult; verbal ownage
"ooooh, that's a burn!!"
by Dirge February 1, 2005
To betray or to be betrayed (burned)
Kane burned his team, and they died as a result.
by Asher613 November 17, 2007
1. v. to infect someone with veneral disease.
2. to add data or music to a blank CDR
3. to set something on fire
1. She burned me! I have pus dripping out of my dick.
2. Burn me a copy of the CD.
3. Burn the evidence before the cops get here.
by reptiles October 4, 2002
1. v. - to smoke (cigarette, marijuana) - see blaze
2. v. - to infect one with a sexually transmitted disease
3. n. - (on a sports team) playing time
1. v. - let's burn a spliff before we watch the santa clause 3 with tim allen
- man, i'm stressed out, i burned like a pack of cigarettes today
2. v. - damn, stevie got burned by that slut at the party. shoulda wrapped it up!
- "aaron hit it raw-dog, when will he learn? caught somethin on the usher tour, he had to let it burn" -kanye west, "gone"
- "and if a chick gave you a disease then you got burnt" -big l, "ebonics"
3. n. - jake is fuckin wack, how coach givin' him more burn than me?
- yeah, i practiced and got a lot better over the summer, i'm gettin mad burn now

by shaavisto November 29, 2006
to make fun of; to diss in an extremely severe way
Courtney burned Chanie with evil comments about her "fabulous" cooking.
by chanie elizabeth April 14, 2008
"You never know she could be earnin her man
and learnin her man -- and at the same time burnin her man
Now you know I ain't with that shit, Lieutenant
Ain't no pussy good enough to get burnt while I'm up in it"
by Mad Heights January 27, 2010