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an amazing and addictive RPG game for Xbox. Also has a a Game of the Year edition that can also allow u to become a werewolf. (yay!)
"I'm so glued on Morrowind"
by Dirge January 31, 2005
words the Zeeky H. Bomb says to make a nucluler *pronounced nuclear* explosion.
Stick 1:"Shhh...we hafta be quiet"
Stick 2:"Yah or we'll never find the Kamkaze watermelon"
Kamikaze Watermalon:"Wheee! *smash*"
*Zeeky bomb wakes up*
Stick 1:"Ohno!"
Zeeky bomb: "ZEEKY BOOGY DOOG!"
by Dirge February 1, 2005
an animal like robot on planet Zi
"Zoids is an ok show, pretty funny too."
by Dirge February 1, 2005
From Team America: World Police. Fictional, stereotypical name for an arab place.
I've got five terrorists going southeast on bakalakadaka street
by Dirge October 12, 2004
A child.

The word is commonly used in this way in norn iron
I tuk the wains down t'watch the match, like
by Dirge September 18, 2004
*playing Halo* "WTF? n00b!!!" ~ almost every player on Halo
by Dirge January 30, 2005