75 definitions by Dirge

a person who is free off the leash of the government.
A person who wishes to be on their own free will, not controlled by any democracy
"Being an anarchist is fun," ~ Me (Dirge)
by Dirge January 30, 2005
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one of the funnest games on Xbox, where u can do missions or wutever the hell u want for money
"I lobe this game!!!"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
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An abreviation of Mobile Infantry
Mobile Infantry, from Starship Troopers (good book, shite movie)
by Dirge December 24, 2004
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When someone really screws up and you think there's going to be hell to pay but they somehow get away with it.
It comes from Admiral Piett in Star Wars. After the millenium falcon goes into hyperspace in the Empire Strikes Back, you just know Vader is going to strangle Piett like all the others who "failed him". But... he doesn't.

(Piett survives until the next movie, finaly dying when a rebel A-wing fighter crashes through the bridge of his ship)
by Dirge September 29, 2004
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an amazing and addictive RPG game for Xbox. Also has a a Game of the Year edition that can also allow u to become a werewolf. (yay!)
"I'm so glued on Morrowind"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
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