Cooldown Reduction

Used in computer games.

Cooldown reduction, will reduce the amount of time, you will have to wait, between casting spells.
Can we please go get the blue buff, I really need the CDR.
by bivases November 20, 2011
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Example A
Guy 1: You can't be seriously bailing on us..
Guy 2: The CDR is HUuuuuuuuuge.
Guy 1: Oh.. Ohhhhh!! Well then.. have fun dude!

Example B
Guy 1: This party is gonna be hella gay..
Guy 2: Why? I think it's gonna be fuckin sick.
Guy 1: Well, the host decided it would be a great idea to keep the CDR reaaaaal low.. It's gonna be a sausage fest.
Guy 2: Bummer...
by usair4ce0ne July 16, 2010
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CDR is an abbreviation for the the term Call Detail Recording. It is the data that is submitted by your telephone system to a collection device linked to your call accounting package. The data contains particular information about every telephone call including date, time, duration, digits dialed and trunk line. Often the term SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording is used interchangeably with CDR). The "raw" information is generally interpreted and translated into a database for real time or scheduled processing and reporting.
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Short for Chris Douglas-Roberts, a guard for Memphis Tigers, the greatest basketball player ever. He's also quite a hottie
and a Detriot native

also known as Buckets
Did you see CDR's dunk over Kevin Love? That was awesome!
by Essie Parker April 18, 2008
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Captain Dick Rider. A woman who goes around and rides every dick in site.
guy #1: Dude, look at her! She rode me last night. guy #2 Dude, she rode me two nights ago. guy #1: She's such a Cdr.
by funnyman1000 March 22, 2010
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The biggest faggot you will ever meet. An annoying jackoff with a shit eating grin who runs the njrotc program at lchs. He is the prime example of A) a bad leader B) a hypocritical asshole and C) a giant douche. He will destroy any illusion you have about njrotc. He will ruin the program for you and theres nothing you can do about. He is the scum of the earth and the only good thing about him is he will some day die and i hope to god im there to see it.
Cdr. Cocksucker: Can i talk to you for a second?!
by ourbelovedleader April 07, 2011
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