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Common terminology used in the 1960's and 1970's in the United States to describe approximately one ounce of marijuana.
(Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke") Let's go score a lid man.
by DECRIMINALIZE POT NOW! February 14, 2005
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A measure of Marijuana equal to a full lid from a large Hellmans Mayo Jar. (less than an oz / about 21grams)
I'm selling nickles, dimes, lidz and O-Z's.
by Hightechredneck1956 January 05, 2012
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'Low Intelligence Digger'. An acronym used by the lower ranks in the Australian Army. Usually the infantry to describe a new person or just someone that is retarded.
Fuck me dead, smitty is such a lid.
by ConnectionInterrupted May 25, 2018
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various types of baseball caps as worn by the general public (usually as a fashion statement)
"...and they both showed up looking exactly alike from head to toe. The matching lids, the shirts, the pants and the matching kicks with same color laces."
by The Empire of the Moon January 30, 2007
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low intelligence documented
1. If you are a L.I.D., you do not realize it because you are very stupid.

2. A L.I.D. patient will always deny they are of low intelligence.

3. most L.I.D. patients are very unhygenic. They spit in sinks with dishes and never wash their hands.
by L.I.D. August 02, 2012
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