1. a sound of happiness or interest.

2. a sound produced by young humans, usualy ages three to eight, that is made by an onlooker who emphasizes the adoration between two peirs when they stand or sit within a 3 foot radius of eachother.
(Not to be confused with ohhh.
1. (Friend mentions crush) "ooooh!"

2.(child stands) (other child stands) Classmates: ooooh!
by brortinun August 24, 2018
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A grunting sound made by the Baron while trying to wake up. Also knows to devour large quantities of hot wings from hooters
"Ooooh" Damn, it took me three hours to wake up again!
by mofobo February 9, 2005
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A syndrome which causes people to be completely and utterly distracted from their previous train of thought when confronted by something shiny. This shiny object can take a variety of forms but will ultimately be determined by the inherent preferences of the one who suffers from the aforementioned syndrome. The subject will usually exclaim in a high pitch voice "oooh shiny!"
"Hey Jim? Me and a few of the guys are planning to get shitfaced at the bar tonight. You want in?"

"Yeah sure man that sounds grea- *spots object* Ooooh shiny!"

"Right on. I'll tell the guys you're co-Jim? Jim?!....... oh for fucks sake not again."
by The method to madness July 12, 2015
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A response to anything vaguely sexual or sexy.
Girl 1: So I hear Johnny Depp might be in the next Batman movie as the Riddler.
Girl 2: Oooh, squid!

Person 1: We were just laying together to watch tv!
Person 2: Oh sure. You were probably all ooooh, squid!
by Kaileikehe October 22, 2008
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A famous "noise" from Disturbed's song "Down With the Sickness."
Flywish: ooooh wa ah ah ah!

Jammasterd: WTF?

Flywish: Disturbed down with the sickness.

Jammasterd: ORLY

Mario Rk: (Butts In) YA RLY!
by Flywish June 21, 2011
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Ooooh Baby is when your really happy and just want to scream
Guy 1 : My mamma bought me ice cream im so happy Ooooh baby
Guy 2 : ok i dont really fucking care
by Shut up fucking egirls September 25, 2019
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