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1. abandoned
2. rejected
3. finished - see "cashed," "kicked" (as heard in larry clark's "KIDS")
1. i'm so glad we deaded that nigga abraham, kid was takin mad long in the shower!
2. you see cornelius try to kick game at that girl? sorry ass nigga, bitch straight deaded him.
3. you can try to hit this if you want, but i'm pretty sure this L is deaded.
by shaavisto November 23, 2006

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1. v. - to smoke (cigarette, marijuana) - see blaze
2. v. - to infect one with a sexually transmitted disease
3. n. - (on a sports team) playing time
1. v. - let's burn a spliff before we watch the santa clause 3 with tim allen
- man, i'm stressed out, i burned like a pack of cigarettes today
2. v. - damn, stevie got burned by that slut at the party. shoulda wrapped it up!
- "aaron hit it raw-dog, when will he learn? caught somethin on the usher tour, he had to let it burn" -kanye west, "gone"
- "and if a chick gave you a disease then you got burnt" -big l, "ebonics"
3. n. - jake is fuckin wack, how coach givin' him more burn than me?
- yeah, i practiced and got a lot better over the summer, i'm gettin mad burn now

by shaavisto November 28, 2006

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expression used to deny any homosexual connotation in a phrase just uttered.

i've heard and used the expression long before the diplomats (dipset) rise to fame. i believe they popularized it, but certainely didn't coin it.
"damn, i really miss my man joseph, no homo."
"get the fuck off our dicks no homo!" -cameron giles, aka cam'ron
by shaavisto November 23, 2006

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n. - a gun
v. 1. - the act of drying a marijuana cigar (aka blunt or L) by gliding a lit lighter across it while rotating it
v. 2. - to smoke marijuana
n. yo jamaal put the toast to this nigga's back and run his jewels!
v. 1. you slobbered all over this L while rolling it, toast that shit before you try to spark it up.
v. 2. im fuckin cooked man, im bout to just toast this spliff and hit the sack no homo.
by shaavisto November 23, 2006

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