Deliberate lack of something, be it information, goods or consideration. Usually a withholding as part of a deception.
"Come on, Johnny. I asked you for some information, and all you're giving me are stems and seeds."
by Hashim R. Hathaway February 2, 2008
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"Stems and seeds" refers to the hodge-podge of loose change one has prior to being COMPLETELY broke. To clarify, 'stems and seeds' are NOT the huge containers of change that people gradually compile; rather, the term applies to the usually worthless (i.e., mostly pennies) coins you're down to right before payday.
"Anyway, we stopped to grab a draft on the way home from work, like we usually do. Dumb-ass me forgets I'm broke, and I order the first round. At the exact moment I saw the barmaid turn the corner with a trayfull of tall-boys, it finally dawned on me that I was down to my 'stems and seeds.'
by BoiseBoltfan May 26, 2010
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the shit you need to take out of your weed
dude1 "this bitch ass nigga tried to sell me some stems an seeds"
dude2 "mane what you do?"
dude1 "punched that foo in his face an jacked all hi weed"
dude2 "word"
by CuzinSmoke March 29, 2005
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