An extremely outdated and overused expression popularized by That 70's Show, used by dorks the world over.
Person #1:Oh burn!
Person#2:Go die!
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
To leave somewhere; usually in a rush. Often used like "Dip" or "Rollout".
"Somebody just called the cops, we need to burn!"
by JK July 14, 2003
To smoke either a Blunt or a Joint in order to get u and a group of your friends stoned
by WeedMann June 23, 2003
1. To diss someone so deeply everyone around you does that oh-so-familiar "OHHHHHHHHH!" in unison.
2. To beat out the competition.
1. Not another "yo mama" joke, what kind of a burn is that??
2. I burned Rafiki in those suicide sprints at practice today
by TFS July 25, 2005
said to refer to something as being good or cool etc..
yo, when you get the jacket man!? That is burn that, that is proper burn g!
by RIKTLI March 19, 2009