king: well its time for your royal punishment seaworth' come this way. Seaworth: never you filthy wretch, you can burn.
by ysnhoj January 25, 2005
burn (verb): To be in an acute state of confusion, bewilderment, disarray, embarrassment, excitement, or perplexity, often resulting in extremely awkward and sometimes humorous exchanges with those around you.
Try not to burn too much when you talk to that hot girl in our class.
by FireHospital March 2, 2011
To add flavor (usually accidently) to food.
Oh no, Mom burnt dinner again!
by that_paper_clip_guy February 27, 2009
We found a witch, may be burn her?
by Bob March 3, 2004
burn is a term used to add humor to a odd situation where one of your friends has been told of
you would use "burn" if one of your friends got told off by the teacher such as "#Timmy you got detention" then you would say "burn"
by bigbother10 July 31, 2009