1. to be in a situation where you are stopped by an Ice berg

2. to move from a small city to a large one (comes from when people in small towns or farms migrated to larger cities some major ones which had "Burg" in them were offen used to describe the process)
1. In Alaska we got burged a lot

2. Tim got burged from Springer to Austin
by weer6e June 07, 2007
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To be left waiting or not turning up at all
Hey we've been waiting outside the gate for an hour.. where is Richard? I think he has burged you mate, he's not coming!
by Chubwarna July 20, 2015
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Similar to perma-fryed, being out of it or cracked out. Often during a sport or daily life, usually resulting in embarrassment as well as being yelled at.

origins in Burg-man Sr. Jr and the Third
"are you stoned?"

"sorry man i was just burged out"
"Buuuurrrrggg wtf man"
"Dean you pussy!"
by Slip n' Slide December 04, 2013
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