Shorter word used in place of hamburger
Who wants some food? Burg? Dog? Tates?
by Danuel December 31, 2007
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usually refers to a guy, or a good friend to have, cool to hang with, easy going, Someone who you can confide in as where others would Rat you out.

Burg makes you laugh when your feeling down.
a Burg is Always there when you need him.
"Wheres my burg"?
"That's my Burg, don't mess with him".
"Hey Burg where you been we missed you"
by Guestimater January 9, 2012
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Short for Burgundy , a red or white wine produced in the French region of Burgundy. Red wines are usually made from Pinot noir, white wines from Chardonnay, but the wines rarely bear the grape designation, rather the name of their origin.
In wine circles the abbrevation BURG is quite common. Sometimes the term is also used for wines made from Burgundian grapes (Pinot noir etc.) grown in other countries.
The red burg last night was really singing.
by abcm August 23, 2008
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To tweak about every little thing that concerns academics and New York sports, especially the New York Giants
Brendan: Anyone see Burge?
Kyle: Nah, but I heard he has a big macro theory exam tomorrow.
Brendan: Ah, classic Burg must be burging in his Burge-hole, as he does every day of the week.
Kyle: That kid is a tank!
by Larry McDick March 25, 2019
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I'll be headed back down to The Burg in a couple days.
by brandon7533 October 14, 2020
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Verb: to spill, specifically an alcoholic drink. Also, to break, shatter, destroy. Also, to set a couch on fire.
"She's a mess. Totally drunk and she Burged all over the new carpet and won't clean it up!"
by Caliaid January 28, 2008
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