A German, Anglo-Saxon and Jewish surname, meaning "knight" in German or "lively person" in Anglo-Saxon. (Szprynger in Polish and Špringer in Slavic languages).

Amazingly to some people, there are other Springers in the world than Jerry (Unfortunatly there aren't that many interesting ones, so I added a few of my own):

Aaron Springer - Animator and occasional director of animated programming.

Chairman Springer - First leader of the Peoples Republic of Springer.

Julius Springer - German Founder of what became Springer Publishing.

Mark Springer - British composer and actor.

Mike Springer - American professional golfer.

Primordial Springer - Ancestor found amongst the primordial soup, having developed into a human before the rest of the soup reached land.

Robert Springer - Astronaut who went to Mars. Okay fine just normal space.

Springy Springer - The ideal Springer, not yet discovered.

T.A. Springer - Dutch mathematician responsible for something really interesting called Springer correspondence.

Yakov Springer - Polish-Israeli weightlifter killed at Munich '72 :(

As you can see, Springer does not mean some slag who wants to be on TV because she shagged eight men in a week. It's also a dog, killer whale and some places in America.
Person - "Wow, I never knew that there were actually people in the world called Springer who aren't Jerry!"

Me - "I know, our superior intelligence and ancestry will surely mean we soon take over the world from our fellow humans."

Person - "What?"

Me - "Nothing."
by GenuineSpringer November 21, 2008
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A guy who makes you feel like you ate a pot brownie and woke up in a greeting card!
It's a completely different world when you're around Springer!
by UncleFester64 December 18, 2020
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A crude smoking device constructed out of a length of tubing and a glass bottle from a Spring Valley Juice.
1. Yo, pack us up a springer.

2. Kalvin arched his neck back as he took the full brunt of the springer.
by nanoloop August 17, 2009
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A rich guy or girl that goes to Cave Spring H.S. in Roanoke, Virginia. These people aren't quite as rich as Hidden Valley, but they are just as big of dicks.
"As a Springer, I have lots of daddy's money to blow on all the steroids needed to win another state basketball/volleyball title."
by PH Patriot March 31, 2007
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The name given to a woman who is destined to be alone and spend her life being a teacher because he needs to be around youth to make up for her wasted long life, and also because she is unaccepted amont her own peer group
Kid1) Your ganna grow up to be a Ho!
Kid2) Beats being a springer.....
by Rusty the George Nelson April 05, 2007
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A weird but increasingly common process by which people lose a significant percentage of their IQs, as though they are on the Jerry Springer Show.
I’ve been watching for these last four years as the entire White House has steadily become Springerized.
by Dr Bunnygirl May 26, 2020
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