to tell someone to stop bullshitting; when someone is caught in a lie or you don't believe a word they are saying at the moment they are saying it.
I told Pichi to clean it up when he was caught telling everyone he was single instead of married.
by hersh12061 November 17, 2007
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Used in terms to someone having verbal diarrhea (chatting to much) or chatting shit (telling lies). The acknowledgment of the lies or the constant talking comes when a person says 'lets clean that up' and follows it with a hand gesture of cleaning a table. Used as an insult. First used in Newcastle, England.
'Sarah was chatting some shit today, after a while it got so messy, it got to a point where i had to be like....Lets clean that up!'
by G dawwwg February 22, 2012
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When your girl's on top and you pull out, finishing on your stomach, shout this to make her clean it up. A reference to Star Treks popular phrase "Beam me up, Scotty".
*cum noise* oh shit there's cum in my belly button, CLEAN ME UP, THOTTY!
by My neighbour to the north April 14, 2019
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This term is used in First Person Shooters, it's the act of going into a battle and killing a wounded player, or finishing another player's target.
"Good Job Culver, way to clean up!"
"Here comes Culver for the clean up!"
by Skinkster January 05, 2010
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To completely dominate the sexual market, having sex with every available (or unavailable) female in the bar, club, town, etc.
Guy: Hey man, are you single?
Other guy: Nah. I have a girlfriend.
Guy: That's too bad, man, you could really clean up.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson May 04, 2016
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To go through rehab in order to stop a drug or alcohol addiction. See also dry out, gone straight.
Nah, I don’t want any of that. I’ve done the clean up and the dry out, gone straight, and now I’ve got my whole life ahead of me. I’m strong, and I don’t need that shit no more.
by Nurse Kitten August 19, 2005
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