An abbreviation used by members of the online fetish and BDSM community for the website FetLife. Commonly used on dating profiles to reach other FetLife members without writing out the entire word to avoid outing themselves to non-members.
Did you see my post on FL?
by The All Knowing Condom August 1, 2019
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by Iuna March 9, 2022
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Condom. Short for "French Letter," a term used for condoms by soldiers during the two Worlds Wars in Europe, but almost never spoken in full.

Spoken as ef-el.
I don't wanna catch the clap but I'm plumb out of bloody FLs.
by paulpaxman September 5, 2009
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a term commonly used to abbreviate the sexual toy, "fleshlight" used as a masturbation aid. Often two people, or a small group, will use the term to make others go crazy trying to find out what FL stands for, but upon researching FL all they find are statistics on the state of Florida.
Ynohtna-"yo tap you got that ""FL""?"
Tap-"uh? ya... ""FL!""."
Group-"What are they talking about?"
by Dirty Schmuck October 1, 2010
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An abbreviation of 'fake life' most commonly used by people who role-play on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. The opposite of 'RL' and used when differentiating between reality and role-play.
Going out IRL, I'll be back on FL in a few hours.
by rejectedfatex April 27, 2011
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