A girl who looks good from behind, but not from the front. Similar to butterface, with the exception that butterface applies to being ugly only above the neck but a brunt may be ugly from the frontal area in general.
That girl is such a brunt.
by ghettomilkshake August 8, 2007
A brunt is a bro-c*nt.
this dude told me i was the only female he trusted with his seed

“ew what a brunt”
by driftykitten May 3, 2018
An uncommon word which can be altered to fit any context or meaning.
Originally the main force of something.
Wow, a big bowl of brunt!
You bruntish, bruntface.

To bear the brunt.
by Master_spiky May 25, 2004
Brunt is a power word, much like 'mokujinken' 'flick tab' and 'Pand'
Brunt originates from the name of the immortal, Mr. Brunt who sold his soul to the devil for eternal life and great power. Mr. Brunt became a science teacher and lives in a house that smells of coffee and lives with his best mate 'Barry' who he kills frequently.
Barry: I have a joke
Brunt: (sigh) Yer 'ded' Barry
Barry: *head explodes*
by Davio July 5, 2004
too cool for words... extremely cool
Edward Van Brunt is the bruntest kid ever
by adams wife December 6, 2003
A group of pedicabs.

Similar usage: a flock of birds, a school or fish, or a murder of crows.
While crossing 6th Street, Heather was beset by a brunt of pedicabs.
by aussumm June 17, 2011
The unfortunate condition where a woman's vagina starts to spread in a most unusual way, stopping only when it has absorbed the tits. The word is derived from the words breast and cunt.
Doctor,doctor, my boobs have disappeared !!!

Don't panic madam, i'm sure they're still fine, safe and sound under your MAGNIFICENT brunt!
by rc9000000000000000000 February 28, 2014